Monday, March 5, 2012

The Great Project Progress Plan

Last Thursday was the meeting of
the 11 Progress Project Plan,
or affectionately known as 
11 PPP.

The Quilty Buddies have definitely embraced
this catchy little technique to pull out some UFO's 
and move them forward.

February's special number was 
I finished my project just in the nick of time.
Although according to the plan, it's simply progressing the project forward,
not necessarily finishing it.
My #7 was the wool holly and poinsettia table runner
that I had bought as a kit from 
Primitive Gatherings.

Done, done, done.

I just need to put it in a place where I can find it again
in December!
I realized I needed to put a little fray check on some of the
points.  Obviously, when it's a kit, the wools haven't been felted,
so a couple of the looser woven pieces are fraying just a tab.
Easily fixed.

So what number was drawn for March?
The number....

This project is the beginning of a pincushion that
I had started from another kit from Primitive Gatherings.

There are endless reasons why a project becomes a UFO.
I stopped because I didn't have the correct colors of 
wool threads to do the stitching around the fused applique pieces.

So to start again, I gathered a few friends and went in
search of the perfect thread colors and, of course,
I found what I needed.

It's good to include a healthy pinch of friendship

 to help you be successful!

Until Next Time-


  1. Love the Christmas table runner.

  2. i havent done wool in awhile, nice job.

  3. I remember being tempted by the poinsettia pattern but never ordered it. I would have to order wool or a kit to make it as my red wools are so low. A good finish.
    My quilting group is working on UFO's too but not drawing numbers like yours. A good idea. Some of the group's UFO's would be too big of a job finishing to do in a month though.
    How's the baby?

  4. Your table runner is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the pin cushion progressed (which in your case means finished, right?)