Friday, January 24, 2020

An Incredible Adventure

As you might remember
Running Man and I have been off traveling

south of the equator

It was a wonderful journey to: 

16th Century National Cathedral, Santiago


 The Andes in Bariloche, Argentina


 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We traveled from the west coast of Chile

the Chilean wine region

 to the east coast Brazil
Copacabana Beach, Rio

through the Andes by boat, 

 the rolling countryside of the lake region of Patagonia,

 and saw beautiful natural scenery.
Iguazu Falls

Recently, Chile has been experiencing

many civil protests and social unrest.  It was interesting
to hear the viewpoint of our local guides

and the effects on them and their families.

Buenos Aires, the "Paris of South America"
is a multicultural city with
colorful barrios, like La Boca,

colonial European architecture, and

a long and interesting history.

Casa Rosada where Evita stood on the balcony addressing
throngs of supporters during her husband's term as president.

Of course, you must add in Tango lessons

and passionate dancing?

Too funny

There's a well-known saying in Argentina, " An Argentine is an Italian
who speaks Spanish, thinks he's French, would secretly like
to be British."

From there we flew to the Iguazu Falls
which are simply astounding.
 The 275 waterfalls border both Argentina and Brazil.

Running Man's view from a zodiac boat ride
then right into the spray.

The largest waterfall in the world. 
Devil's Throat
Wish you could hear the roar of the water.

Next stop, Rio 

We had a dizzying ride up the cable cars to
Sugar Loaf mountain,

visited landmark sites like
Christ the Redeemer statue,

and had an amazing room with a view

all the while singing " Copacabana" and 
"The Girl from Ipanema".

The passion in this city really comes alive during 
it's annual Carnival celebration.  We visited one of the 
Carnival clubs that build the floats, 

 that make the thousands of costumes

and delivers the rhythm of the pulsating music.

We even got to play dress up.

We just have to learn the Samba moves 
to be ready for the parade.

 Our exploration of these 3 beautiful countries 
have left us with wonderful memories.
Thanks for letting me share some of the highlights.

Gosh, I didn't even talk about the delicious food!
Empanadas with lots of wine!

It was an awesome journey.

Until Next Time-


  1. everything looks so gorgeous - I love all those waterfalls and the countryside. Looks like a perfect get away

  2. What a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos. Hugs

  3. Loved the virtual tripl! Great pictures!

  4. I've heard the names of all those places all my life, but knew I'd never get to see them. Thanks so much for such an interesting display of all those beautiful places! ---"Love"

  5. Love seeing your adventures to these countries! I can't imagine what it must be like to take in all of the wonderful things from the different cultures.
    My older son lived in Argentina and my younger son lived in Brazil, but since they were there as missionaries, they didn't see all the sights. Now I have probably seen more than they ever did. LOL

  6. Kyle un viaje impresionante, maravillosas fotografías
    Gracias por compartir
    Buen fin de semana

  7. sure go on some interesting trips!

  8. That is INCREDIBLE!! You really do it up right when you go! Looks like tons of fun was had by you two and you can add to your head full of memories.

  9. Welcome home Kyle - another wonderful adventure by the looks of it. And those outfits! There's enough fabric in one of them for a quilt backing :D.

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  14. what a fabulous trip! The scenery loos absolutely stunning. The waterfalls in particular are just gorgeous. I've seen Niagara, but wow these are incredible and that there are so so many!
    I so love to ready your travel posts. Thanks for including nature, architecture, food, and fun stuff like dancing and costumes. It makes me want to immediately book a trip!

  15. You two are ever the intrepid adventurers! Looks like you had a fantastic time and saw some amazing sites.

  16. What an amazing trip! I always love seeing photos from your adventures. The scenery is awesome--especially the falls. And that cable car ride to the top of the mountain looks pretty scary! Wonderful costumes--you two are so cute together :)

  17. What a fabulous trip !! Thank you for all these different pictures !

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  21. A once in a lifetime trip! Beautiful scenery with a fun dance lesson thrown in was quite the travel adventure. Thanks for sharing!

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