Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Colors of Santa Fe

It's been over 6 months 
since I finished this quilt.

The Colors of Santa Fe

But I was waiting for the right 
backdrop to highlight this pattern.

You might recognize it as 
the quilt of the year 
designed exclusively for
The Quilt Show by Sue Garman in 2017
called Halo Medallion.

This past weekend I had two tall sons-in-laws
who were willing to stretch their arms and brave frigid temps
so I could finally take a photo. 

The majority of the piecing 
for this quilt had to be done using 
a paper piecing method.  
That can be a challenge for me.

But it was definitely necessary, especially for these
 fabulous flying geese.

But what has made this quilt so wonderful
is the beautiful machine quilting that
my machine quilter and friend, Kathy Herman, 
of Hearth and Home Quilting so skillfully and
artistically stitched.

This quilt has become one of my favorites.

The colors were inspired by my many
trips to Santa Fe and incorporating
the color palette found in the American desert areas.

Colors such as sand, adobe, terracotta, and mahogany.  
I emphasized the neutrals.

It's wonderful to finally be able to share this properly.

The Colors of Santa Fe
86" x 86"

Until Next Time-


  1. I love everything about this gorgeous creation!

  2. Oh oh !! What a wonderful quilt !! I love everything in it : the colours, the designs and the quilting !!
    Bravo Kyle !

  3. Truly amazing Kyle! The pattern, the colors, the quilting....I love it!

  4. What a totally awesome quilt! I love it all.

  5. The quilting IS lovely, but Kyle, the PIECING makes this quilt! it's absolutely beautiful! Well done!

  6. What a fantastic quilt. You did yourself proud. Now if you decide you don't like it I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands. Hugs

  7. Oh Wow Kyle! This is absolutely gorgeous!! The soft color palette together with all of your marvellous piecing is fabulous! The pictures you got with your tall quilt holders are beautiful and worth the wait. No wonder it is one of your favorites.

  8. Absolutely awesome! A stunning quilt, and beautifully quilted!!

  9. My quilt pattern is printed and secured in a binder. I hope to start this one in 2019.

    I love the fabrics you chose. The quilt is absolutely elegant.

  10. Oh my goodness all those flying geese are amazing! It is gorgeous and the colors are so soft and pretty!

  11. Wow the quilt looks amazing, both the piecing and the quilting...and the photography! Well done, worth the wait.

  12. Your quilter did an excellent job, but only after you created the beautiful spaces for her to do her work. Your piecing of this pattern is perfect, and those circular flying geese are fantastic! All together, it is an incredible quilt!---"Love"

  13. What a fabulous quilt - beautiful in every way!

  14. This is a stunner! No wonder you love it so much - filled with memories and the landscape colors you treasure; the piecing and quilting all come together beautifully.

  15. Kyle ¡¡¡Felicidades!!! Realmente es un edredón maravilloso.
    Recuerdo cuan comenzó cuanto me gustaron estos colores.
    todo en el es fantástico
    ¡¡Me Encanta!!

  16. Gorgeous, I love the curved flying geese, they make a great border. The quilting is fabulous too. I'm surprised the tall SILs gave it back to you.

  17. I like the flying geese circles in this quilt. Well done with the neutrals.

  18. Beautiful finish. And the backdrop is stunning too. Glad you had tall people to help.
    There is obviously a lot of piecing in this one but I had to take a close look at the curves with the flying geese. That looks amazing. Lovely work.

  19. What a beautiful heirloom! I love everything about it--the neutrals, all those circular flying geese and the exquisite quilting. I can see why it's become one of your favorites :)

  20. Congratulations on a fabulous finish. This quilt is really special. The soft colors of Sante Fe made for a beautiful soft quilt. The quilting really added a lot of texture and beauty too!

  21. Kyle, this is spectacular. You have done such a wonderful job in selecting your fabrics and a beautiful job of putting it together - Sue would be very happy. I can hear the joy in your voice with the final product and know that this will be a treasure for years to come.

  22. I love this quilt so much--just beautiful!! An all neutral quilt has been on my bucket list for a while---just can't decide which one to do. Yours is such an inspiration!

  23. This quilt is just gorgeous! I love the neutral color way you've chosen. Your work is excellent as is Kathy's quilting!

  24. So gorgeous! It looks wonderful in that environment, just as you knew it would!

  25. So much gorgeousness! Kudos to you for tackling the challenge of paper piecing. The colors are amazing!!