Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Twinkle, Twinkle

Little Star.

My Star A Day quilt
is finally finished!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
42" x 42"

Two years ago
I went to the Houston International
Quilt Festival and purchased 
from Karen Styles the pattern and templates
for A Star A Day.

What fun!
How hard can that be, I thought.
Just one 3" star block a day.

Even if I fussy cut 
every piece and sew it by hand
I can certainly keep up the pace. 

Well, I know you can guess 
where this story is heading.

The first week....
4 behind.

Week 2
8 behind

I was quickly falling into the negative count.

Could I get 365 blocks done in one year?

As time went on, I realized 
that just wasn't going to happen.
I settled on 120 blocks
in 545 days. 

Just last month I was
finally ready to
hand quilt using a big stitch
with #12 Aurifil thread
It added wonderful texture and
I love how this quilt finished up!

Learning to be flexible,
adapting your plans,
and even being kind to yourself
are all lessons we can learn while making a quilt

even when we continue to "Shoot for the Stars."

Until Next Time-


  1. OH how I love it...perfect! Great, great quilt!

  2. Oh, so lovely! Hand quilted .... beautiful.

  3. This is a perfect gem of a quilt, and your Baptist fan quilting is the perfect compliment to the hand pieced stars. I'm becoming a believer in if a quilt becomes an albatross, give it wings and let it fly!

  4. It is a stunner. Well done Kyle! The baptist fan quilting looks wonderful on this quilt! Congratulations on the finish!

  5. Gorgeous stars! This is a beautiful quilt. Learning to be flexible...adapting your plans. Great advise, Kyle!

  6. Kyle, your quilt is stunning! Well done!

    1. Hi, I tried to respond make to you, but the email kept bouncing back. Is your email up to date?

  7. Kyle maravilloso. Me gustan las estrellas .
    Adoro el acolchado..

  8. What a lovely gathering of stars. The quilting looks great on it.
    I had to laugh at your process (not at you) of falling behind. Been there so many times, I don't even pretend I can keep up with a "one a day", or even "one a week" anymore. :)

  9. I love this so very much!! I stitched 2 of these stars this weekend and was thinking about how I would set them... eventually. I just love yours! I doubt I even have 120 sewn yet but good to know you can make a lovely usable throw with 120. The blue binding is perfect and I love the texture from your handquilting :0)

  10. It turned out wonderful! I love the baptist fan pattern too.

  11. Beautiful. Deadlines are overrated!

  12. A beautiful finish! Pretty sparkling stars and hand quilting's lovely texture.

  13. Your little stars are stunning! I’m not doing Karen Styles pattern of one a day, but have a lot of tiny Rapid Fire Lemoyne Stars made. I won’t be doing 365 either, but hopefully I can get enough made for a small throw size. I love that you did the big stitch fans—I’ve been meaning to order one of Barb’s stencils—sure looks great!

  14. Love, love, love your quilt and the fan quilting looks fantastic! A wonderful finish!

  15. I often wonder how people can keep up with the 365 sew-alongs regardless of what block is being used. There are bound to be days that something happens that sucks up all would have been free time. And then the days where you just don't want to work on that particular project. You did good with the stars you did get done. Made a very nice "old" looking quilt.

  16. Truer words were never written! How often we get so caught up with the concept of a block a day when reality has far different ideas. (Thinking 365 scrappy houses here, yeah right) The way you managed this project and adjusted the amount of stars has given you a super quilt - it looks wonderful! Love the vintage appearance. I keep hearing Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song “Ideas Are Like Stars” running through my head.

  17. Maybe things did'nt go according to your plans but the result is just beautiful!
    I have the pattern and template since a few years and looking at yours........ some day, I am sure......

  18. This quilt is A Star! Absolutely lovely. I have been considering purchasing Barb's stencil, I think you just convinced me to get it with this quilt. You are so right, be flexible and kind to yourself. Our quilting is suppose to bring us joy, not more stress in our lives.

  19. Super fun quilt. I think the big fan compliments the small stars.
    A nice combination!

  20. Absolutely beautiful! The piecing, and the quilting! ---"Love"

  21. I think it is gorgeous regardless of how many days and how many stars. Well done on the finish.

  22. Love it! the low volume and shirtings are the perfect pairing for those beautiful stars.
    The Fans look fab and make a great overall surface texture. Thanks for the link.
    My first thought when I read a star a day was...."yikes that sounds really hard." I love the idea of 365 projects but don't think I have the temperament for it. Does eating 365 days count? ha ha

  23. Absolutely gorgeous, love it !