Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Netherlands

If you're looking for an ideal
European trip and adventure,
you need to consider visiting the Netherlands.
It is just like you might have imagined it.

My trip began by meeting up with
7 wonderful women from Virginia.

They are all part of a quilting bee called
"Hearts and Hands".
I had met a few members of this group
last spring and when there was talk 

of a trip to the Netherlands.
I said count me in!

The trip was coordinated by
Please check out her blog if you
don't already follow it.

During our week stay
we discovered the beautiful Dutch countryside,
 with windmills,

 colorful tulip fields,

wooden shoes.

A trip in the spring
would not be complete without a visit to the
famous Keukenhof Gardens

with it's displays of millions of beautiful tulips.

There are museums to explore 
filled with collections of Dutch Masters

The Night Watch
at the Rijksmuseum

the Van Gogh Museum

Or even remembering the story of
Ann Frank during the Nazi occupation.

For a change of pace
simply walk along the charming canals

discovering houseboats

quiet places.

Amsterdam is an easy walking city.
You can stroll into Dam Square 
finding the King's Palace

or look for tiny narrow houses

on quiet cobblestone streets.

But wherever you walk 
beware of the bikes

 You'll find quite a few!

Of course, no trip is complete without
trying the local flavors.

A thick pea and smoked sausage soup

Gouda Cheese



served on King's Day with
bright orange frosting
just to share a few yummy treats.

Our trip wasn't over yet.
We still had quilt things to do.
You'll have to wait for the next
post to see what we did.

Until Next Time-


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful place to visit! I especially love the tulips - there's a garden with a large display of them not far from me and I try to go every spring to enjoy them. Can't wait to hear about the quilty part of your trip!

  2. Squeal! Oh what fun. Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful images of great friends in a beautiful place.

  3. Wonderful to look at my country through your pictures. Things we are used to (and don't always appreciate as we should) are actually looking great!

  4. This looks amazing, Kyle! I especially love the tulips, but the whole trip looks so enjoyable. I look forward to more!

  5. I'm such a lucky girl, living in The Netherlands :-)

  6. What a wonderful recount of some of your visit. I look forward to reading more about it. Pretty photos!

  7. What a great opportunity to take a trip like that with a group of women! Can't wait to see the rest.
    Amsterdam looks so charming!

  8. Aaah ! I saw on IG some of these great pictures and I'm glad you loved your trip !
    The Netherlands are beautiful !! And their fabrics are too !!! :))

  9. Awesome! Love those tulip pics. What a great vacation!

  10. Well, that really looks very Dutch to me!! So glad you also tried some of our local foods. I li. ke a good erwtensoep (we also call it 'snert' ) when it is really cold, it really warms you up and I like poffertjes anytime :-) ! Same with tompouce (they indeed are orange on King's Day, but pink the rest of the year), and a good bitterbal... yes, please! Just a few in a bowl, served with mustard.... and a nice beer! Looking forward to your next post :-)

  11. You made it!!! I'm so happy and your photos are wonderful. The garden shots are amazing as well as the street and canal photos. Oh, and those wonderful windmills. I'm delighted that you are having a great trip and that you have friends to travel with. Thanks for carrying your camera with you and remembering us back home in the states.
    Connie :)

  12. What wonderful photos! It sounds like such a lovely trip! I cant wait to hear about the next part!! Did you find any Dutch chintz to bring home? :0)

  13. Lucky you! I did not link the thought that your trip to the Netherlands had anything to do with Doreen's. I am anxious to see the quilty things. Is quilting the main purpose of the trip?

  14. You need the apron shown on this blog.

  15. What wonderful pictures of your trip with the Amazing women !

  16. Thanks Kyle for this wonderful post on your trip to the Netherlands. I'm also looking forward to the Quilty part of the trip and I'm assuming it's going to involve Dutch chintz :)

  17. Wonderful - can't wait for the next installment! The canals and houses of Amsterdam are so beautiful :)

  18. So happy you got to go and I love being able to see all your pictures!! :)

  19. How fun! I have a friend who is there now. Cannot wait to see the quilty things.

  20. What a fun trip to go on with like-minded women. I bet it was a blast.

  21. Gorgeous photos, Kyle, thanks for sharing! It already looks like a great trip, and I know it will be even better when we see all the fabric!

  22. Thank you for sharing so beautiful pictures of your travel .

  23. Living in the Netherlands, it is fun to read about such familiar things.

  24. Oh My! what a delicious trip in every way. I love seeing the windmills and flowers. Just gorgeous photos of the gardens.
    the food looks amazing.
    I love the little frame around the photos.
    thanks for the cyber trip this morning!!

  25. Gorgeous pictures Kyle!
    I am reliving this trip all over again as I read your beautiful post.
    Thank you for the wonderful memories!

  26. Looks like a wonderful trip, Kyle! The tulips are gorgeous. I love the windmill and the wooden shoes filled with pansies :) Looking forward to your next blog.

  27. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Can't wait to see the quilty stuff. Those Dutch ladies do such beautiful quilting.

  28. Great pictures, Kyle ! Those gardens are so vibrant in color ; amazing!

  29. The Kuekenhof gardens are breathtaking--wow!! I'm very curious as to what a bitterballen is--and a poffertjes. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos--it looks like you are all having a great time.

  30. Gorgeous photos! What a wonderful experience!

  31. Wow, it is just like I imagined! All those beautiful garden beds filled with tulips, what a delight, thanks for sharing.

  32. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Looking forward to seeing the next edition.

  33. What a great trip you shared, thanks for a peek at your beautiful photos!!

  34. Kyle what a fantastic blog! Just love it, great to see holland through your eyes!

  35. I so enjoyed seeing all of these photos from your trip. You went at the perfect time to see all the flowers in bloom.