Thursday, January 14, 2016


 I remember using these.
 If you're old enough 
you know them as Spoolies.

They were newest and best way to 
curl your hair in the 50's and 60's.

No more pin curls with bobbin pins
or sleeping on brush rollers. 
They were ingenious, flexible, and 
comfortable to sleep in.
They definitely made your
hair very curly.


And yes, I used them.
I was a Spoolie girl.

Today, I guess I'm still a spoolie girl,
only in another way.

About 20+ years ago I went to 
a sale and bought this wonderful old
painted box.

I've kept it in my sewing room ever since.

A box is meant for storing things in it,
and I had the perfect idea.

Each time I emptied a spool of thread I 
tossed the spool into the box.
Slowly over the years the box has been filling up
with a wide variety of empty spools.

This year I decided to wait until the end of the year
to see exactly how many spools 
I emptied in 2015.

It was a very good sewing year.

So I guess I'll continue being a spoolie girl
and see how many spools I can empty in 2016,
but I'll skip using them in my hair.

Until Next Time-


  1. Wowsers, you did have a good sewing year! I remember those spoolies! Do you remember spool knitting when we were kids, hammering 4 small nails into the ends of wooden thread spools and knitting l-o-n-g snakes of yarn and coiling them into dollhouse rugs, etc?

    1. That was a great way to use a wooden spool.

  2. Whoa, that's some serious spool collecting! Good for you for keeping them all, how fun.

  3. Cool idea to keep your spools! After all, I wouldn't have a wooden spool collection if sewers before me threw them away like I do!

  4. I remember spoolies but never used them. I had the old brush rollers which hurt when you slept in them.

  5. I never used spoolies but have a collection of wooden spools displayed in mason jars. Love your wooden box with ALL your empty spools :)

  6. Whoa! That is a BUNCH of empty spools! It's kind of like a journal of your sewing journey through the years - great idea!

  7. Spoolies are new to me but I grew up in England and maybe they weren't the thing there. I can never throw out a wooden thread reel. Love the box !

  8. You certainly went thru a LOT of thread spools in 2015!
    Wishing you many more empty spools in 2016.

  9. Great idea, love that box! Its amazing how much thread you go through, I think we need shares in a cotton farm!

  10. I remember the pink curlers...when I was a little girl, my dad loved my long hair, and my mom had me sleep in those curlers every night. So this little tomboy threw a fit and did not want the curlers one night! My mom let me go to sleep...and when I woke up, there were the curlers!

    Looks like you a wonderful year, and I have enjoyed watching every project you have finished. Bravo!

  11. I don't recall spoolies--but then, I have naturally curly hair and in those days I was doing all I could to make my hair straight (liking sleeping with my hair rolled on orange juice cans, or having my Mom iron it) so I wouldn't have been familiar with anything that created curls. : )
    Do you think you will empty more or less spools in 2016?

  12. What a very cool trunk. That's a lot of spools!!!

  13. I love it! I don't remember the original spoolies (I was a horse girl and always had braids), but I love your trunk and I think it is fun to know how many spools you emptied in a year. Good for you! Will we see some sort of spool sculpture in your future?

  14. Oh...sad to say I'm old enough to remember That box is fantastic. I'm always drawn to wooden boxes. That is one load of spools. Lots of wonderful quilts were made using the thread that once was wrapped around them. Hugs

  15. What a great old brewery box. Pre 1880? You've put it to great use. That is a lot of spools!

  16. What a great box in which to store your empty spools! You did a lot of sewing in 2015.

  17. Oh yes--I do remember spoolies! I'm having much better luck with Velcro rollers now--haha! Your box is awesome--what a fun way to keep your spools. I throw mine in an old Hoosier flour jar, but I have to empty it every once in a while.

  18. Too funny! Love your box...but don't remember the spoolies! If I remember correctly we were into ironing our long hair...:o))

  19. Kyle I never used spoolies but i did roll my hair on empty orange juice cans with both ends cut out. They were so big and uncomfortable that I slept with my head hanging off the side of the bed. :) blessings, marlene