Thursday, December 17, 2015

Technically It's Still Fall

 Yes, that's right 
technically it's still Fall until
December 22nd.

As much as I didn't really want to 
be sewing on Halloween fabrics 
while listening to Christmas music,
I dug deep and finally finished
Halloween Mystery Quilt.

After making 551 four patch units
 came the job of sewing the pieced lattice
to the 50 blocks.

With the blocks set on point

there were candy corn triangle units to make. 

It required a lot of pinning but,
 finally it was all put together

I decided to add one outer border
just to visually contain all those pieces.
It's finished at 64" X 75".
And guess what?  
I used what I had and
made a nice dent in the Halloween stash.

My deadline was the winter solstice

and it looks like I made it with a couple days
to spare. 

I knew if I put this away, it would be hard
to pull back out to finish.
It was a challenging quilt to piece
 requiring a very accurate 1/4" seam.
It's not exact, but close enough for me.

But, truthfully, I'm ready for 
something different.
Time to see what's next on the list.
 for the new year.

Until Next Time-


  1. Absolutely STUNNING!! DDG! (drop dead gorgeous!!) Your workmanship is amazing! You are going to be so pleased next Fall when you pull this one out of your cupboard! Seriously by adding that finally border you kicked this quilt up and out of the ballpark! Home Run!

  2. WOW! That is one beautiful quilt! Love the borders and your fabric choices

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! This is the most beautiful Halloween Mystery Quilt I've seen yet! Congrats on an awesome finish!

  4. It's great, and I like the extra border. That was a lot of piecing! I'm looking forward to seeing what's next on your list. I thought maybe there would be more snow in your picture ;-)

  5. Wow, "dug deep" is right! What a huge amount of piecing! But it is gorgeous, and you are right, that extra border sets it off perfectly. Congratulations, well done. :D

  6. WOW! It's wonderful Kyle. That last border is ideal!

  7. WOWSER !!! I'll say its a lot of piecing. Congrats on a Great finish & for using your stash. That border fabric is PERFECTION !

  8. Wow what a lot of piecing!! It looks fantastic!
    You will be so happy to pull this finished quilt out next fall :0)

  9. Wow, great job finishing this quilt, it is definitely not one for the faint hearted! It looks fantastic, and a bonus that you were able to use up stash fabric.

  10. Congratulations!! this is such a brilliant Halloween quilt!! The blocks look wonderful set on point, with the checkerboard sashing and the colours are so perfectly halloweeny.

  11. Stunning! My goodness there are so many pieces :) I really like the 4-patch sashing and the added border. Great finish!

  12. WOW.... absolutely gorgeous!
    That's a lot of very intricate and wonderful piecework.
    Congratulations for finishing this quilt within your deadline!

  13. what a fabulous Halloween quilt - without hitting you over the head with pumpkins and witches. It is so great!!! love the gray checkerboard too. Wonderful project. This is the first one I've seen.
    congrats on finishing ahead of goal! yay

  14. That is one of the prettiest Halloween quilts I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It is incredible! Nice job, and that final border is the perfect touch.
    You are right--it is still technically Fall, so you are not too out of season. : )

  16. Wow Kyle - I can tell this quilt was a LOT of work to make, but it was definitely worth all your efforts! It's just spectacular and I love it. I'm so glad that lime green and purple are now considered Halloween colors. Hope you're pleased with the results - I can hardly wait to see what's next!

  17. WOW. I love this quilt. Not sure if I would want to make so many 4 Great finish. Hugs

  18. The best Fall/Halloween quilt ever - you did an amazing job and the fabrics are super!! Congratulations!!

  19. OMG! This is the best hallowen quilt. Tons of work! Congrats.