Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pink and Red

My quilting buddies met last week
and we decided to share some
Valentine projects we had made.

I shared two,
one pink and one red.
 Cupid's Arrows
41" x 61"

I'm not sure where
 this sweet Valentine quilt pattern came from. 

The fabrics are at least 15 years old.
Like any scrap quilt it was fun to dig in the stash
and find long forgotten
pieces that seem to just fit into the present project.
Cupid's arrows and hearts
just say love and Valentine's Day.

The second quilt I showed
doesn't have a Valentine theme.
But I wanted to share it because
 I still "LOVE" this quilt,
despite the fact,
that it's already 14 years old.

"Looking Back"
51" x 51"

This quilt was in an early
American Patchwork and Quilting
The quilt was inspired by a
crib quilt dated 1865.
It's whimsical folk style
just makes me smile.

I think it was the cheddar and
turkey red together
that first drew me to make this.
It reminds me how much I like
cheddar in quilts.

The appliqued flowers
added to the sweetness.

The bright bold colors
are such a contrast to
our present day pastels for babies.
These colors just make me think that 
someone was very excited about 
the birth of a new baby.

 I hand quilted it,
which I did mostly back then,
at the turn of the century!

I really liked the red sawtooth border on the outer edge.
It was a strip cut into at regular intervals,
the flaps folded back and underneath 
to create triangles and then 
appliqued onto the green border.

I just had to pick a bright backing too.
I love the chrome yellow and orange along with
the turkey red flowers.

Roses are red,
and violets are blue,
Share some of your
Valentine's quilts 
with us too.

Until Next Time-


  1. I like the arrows and hearts quilt very much. Both colors and design.

  2. Love them both! I remember that quilt in the magazine, it's still on my list to make!

  3. Both quilts are wonderful...the arrows and hearts is perfect for this time of year and your reproduction is gorgeous!! WOW!

  4. Love, love!! Such a pretty heart quilt!! Your hand quilting is so pretty!

  5. Oh, I really, really love the reproduction crib quilt. Sorry I missed you guys!

  6. Love your Valentine's Day quilts! I remember that crib quilt from the cover of the magazine - the first quilting magazine I bought :0) Yours is delightful - so fun to look at the variety of prints you used. I really like the dogtooth border - so effective on the green.

  7. I always enjoy your show and tell. Your pink quilt is so lovely and perfect for Valentines. That crib quilt is a knockout!! The colours set of the pattern so brilliantly. I love it!!

  8. Show and tell is always fun when it comes to quilts! I LOVE the 'Looking Back' quilt especially. If you only knew how many times I almost made that quilt myself!!

  9. I think that both quilts are wonderful for Valentines day!
    I really love your Looking Back quilt - it's fabulous!

  10. Two wonderful quilts--such different styles, but each one has charm, and that is important for Valentine's Day quilts. : )

  11. Great quilts - so different but both lovely.

  12. What a great Valentines quilt! I've never seen that pattern and it's too cute!
    Your looking back quilt is awesome and so rich in color. Wow your hand quilting is stunning
    Thanks for sharing your quilts today -

  13. These are both great quilts Kyle - the Valentine's quilt is so feminine looking with the soft pinks. And the turkey red & cheddar color combination is so eye catching - love that! The label is even wonderful - please tell me that you printed it on the computer - if that's your actual handwriting I'm jealous! Great eye candy!

  14. Wonderful quilts! That crib quilt has been on my bucket list since the first time I saw it. Fantastic to see yours!!

  15. Any chance you have the date on the magazine with the pattern for "Looking Back"? I would love to make it!