Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You Heard It Through the Grape Vine?

Did you hear it through these
grape vines
that I've been getting some sewing done?

I have.

These may not look like grapes,
 but they will be.

 Very tiny ones that are 3/8" wide.

According to the pattern
they're suppose to be smaller, but that's
as small as I can handle.
 Mine might have come off of a gnarly vine.
But at least, they're done!

 There's more news
  along these grapevines.

The center is complete
 on my never ending quilt,
designed by Kim McLean.

I've been playing around with borders
and I think I have the solution.

I just couldn't do anymore applique,
so I laid the top over another quilt of mine
and I think using 
this kind of pieced border and
a spacer will work.

I'm going to give it a try.

Keep your ears to the grapevine.

Until Next Time-


  1. I thought the applique you have been doing was the border on the Roseville quilt. I just went to the website to see the pattern. Gulp! Way too much applique involved to do another applique border. I think your choice will work well.

  2. It looks beautiful! I think your new choice is a great idea!

  3. Oh, Kyle. That is just so, so gorgeous! And I think your border idea sets it off beautifully.

  4. I like what you are doing for the border. It will set off all that applique work very effectively.

  5. I can never get over how beautiful your Roseville Album quilt is!! It is just amazing! I was like Karen, I was thinking the panels were the borders. I really like your idea for the border, it looks perfect to me. 3/8" circles! Tiny! Your grapes look great though.

  6. I have just driven myself dotty making way too many berries, but mine were about 3 times that tiny size...yikes! How many did you loose down the side of the chair! I think the pieced border is going to look fantastic and will really show off the applique!

  7. Perfect idea for your border on this AMAZING quilt !!!!!!

  8. wow! your quilt is a stunner and it was fun to see the whole thing.
    your idea for the border and spacer look great -
    my favorite grape is wine :)

  9. So wonderful to see the Roseville top complete- it is just beautiful! and I love the border idea - will set it off perfectly. I just love your fabric choices on this top - the repro colour mix. It has never really appealed to me in modern bright fabrics but this is ..wow! Well done with those grapes - such a lot of them, and a great grapey colour. What a nice fabric you have used for the leaves in that block too...

  10. Do you just stand back and look at this and think, "Did I really make this?" It is stunning! I think your border solution is perfect!

  11. You've made great progress! I've been hanging out with a bunch of grapes too.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

  12. WOW! Your quilt is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your marvellous top.

  13. You made it!! Your Roseville top is fabulous!! You must be so pleased to have it together. I like your border idea - repeating all those gorgeous fabrics in a triangle border will be lovely :0)

  14. I love your Grape Vine Noah & Matilda block! Beautiful grapes and pretty fabrics.

    Your Roseville quilt is truly stunning! I really like your pieced border option.
    Such a lovely way to finish this amazing quilt.

  15. The end is in sight - yay! My dad in California just had some grapevine ironwork done on his patio - sure looks nice!

  16. Your Roseville Album is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work. I think your border solution is perfect.

  17. WOW! Your album quilt is amazing, lovely, beautiful and so much more!! The border treatment will look great.

    Nice little block with so many grapes!!

  18. I missed this beautiful post! I'm totally impressed with your Roseville quilt. It's stunning, Kyle, and I like your plan for the border. How nice to be able to superimpose your Roseville work over a finished quilt. Smart gal! That's a great way to make an educated decision.

    Love the little purple grapes. I've been conscientiously buying and saving the Noah and Matilda patterns each month, and I have a plan for background and fabrics, but not a stitch taken yet. Some day. Till then, I'll just drool (from a distance) over lovely work like yours.

  19. Amazing work! I've loved seeing this quilt top in progress so very much.:)