Friday, July 20, 2012

A Furry Appearance

4 little babies came out to play
on a sunny summer's day.

( I see you down there)

One stayed high to look around,

And one came closer to the ground.

One found a place to coddle and hide,

The last one thought it was more fun to slide.

The little one turned
and looked at Ed
and as he stopped,
this is what he said.

"You don't look like me,
but are you my pop?
You've been so good to us
I hope it won't stop."

Ed shook his head sadly
and said with a sigh,
"I've been waiting so long
to finally see you guys."

"It's time for you all
to go out on your own,
to find a new den
that you can call home."

Pretty cute, huh!

 Until Next Time-


  1. LOL I love them asking Ed are you my pop? Bet Ed's eyes were rolling ;)

  2. Cute post! They are con-artists, so watch out...they also can do alot of damage....but--- yes they are so cute!

    :) Carolyn

  3. How cute are they? The expressions are perfect. I love the one sliding down the pipe. I so know that feeling: "This seemed like such a good idea when I first thought of it!"

  4. How cute! Especially when they are outside of the house!

  5. Now I know where Kate got her talent for poem writing :)

  6. I'll bet you're sad to see them go - NOT!